20 Creative Plastic Bottle DIY Crafts You’ll Fall In Love With

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Initially, plastic bottles came out as a cheaper alternative to glass bottles, but, cheaper for whom? While big corporations made a lot of profit by saving on the cheaper plastic alternative, the cost of cleaning and fixing the environmental damage came out salty however. It would take a lot of time and resources to clean and maintain this clean ecosystem from the persistent damage of plastic bottles, but there are many small ways that could help turn these eyesores into beautiful re-usable objects.

One of them is by turning unused plastic bottles into amazingly beautiful crafts. We took the time to search the web for some really creative uses for plastic bottles and we were not left unsatisfied.

1. Fairy House

Check out this amazing DIY from plastic bottle. Click on image to see more ideas on how to repurpose plastic bottles in creative DIYs.
Source: Crafts by Amanda

1. Fairy House

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